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SKZOO LEEBIT Stray Kids Plushie + FREEBIE, Leeknow Fanart, Kpop Merch

SKZOO LEEBIT Stray Kids Plushie + FREEBIE, Leeknow Fanart, Kpop Merch

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Leebit from Skzoo (Stray Kids - LeeKnow)

Do you like #StrayKids or know someone who does? Then surely you would love to have your favorite idol's stuffed animal 🤞 #loveStay
Leebit is the stuffed animal of Leeknow, a member of the Kpop group Stray Kids.
This is the third in the Stray Kids collection and is inspired by a rabbit. Each one is unique and personal since they are made entirely by hand, following the Amigurumi technique.
[FREEBIE INFO] It is delivered together with a pack of 8 skzoo stickers designed by Littlemisslazyshop.

stuffed teddy
Hand knitted with 60% Cotton + 20% Milk Fiber + 20% Acrylic yarn and 3.5mm crochet hook
Medium size (25-27cm)
Felt details.
Hand-stitched SKZ logo.
Colors: White and pink.

Sent from Spain.
National and international shipping.
Estimated processing time 2 weeks.

Do not use washing machine. Wash with a damp cloth.

· 📝 NOTES 📝 ·
Requires help to stand.
It is a handmade product, so there could be slight variations from the image in the ad.
Plush inspired by the Skzoo merchandising line from Stray Kids.

Pattern by Nanagurumi.

Do not miss the entire collection of Skzoo stuffed animals soon.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact me!
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